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Students create their own profiles in the Twinspace - forum with a picture and a short description of who they are (Thay can use toll - snapchat... avatar, change picture.. or app

Izrađivali smo loga za projekt, a ovo su neka od njih:

Each student starts a new thread and writes a short letter of introduction in the introduction forum. Students read each other’s forum posts and reply to (at least) two by asking for more information so that everybody gets at least one reply. 

 On !!!! Instructions for students - LINK



Students can be divided into small groups of six, so that they can get to know each other better by chatting.Students can prepare a few questions for the chat. A short Questionnaire (e.g. Google Forms or Survey Monkey) can be used for comparing information between different countries and discussing similarities and differences. Questions can deal with favourite school subjects, free time activities, pets, favourite TV programmes, favourite mobile apps etc. Home and family (optional)


Students can write posts about New Year - Decembar task! LINK

(start new threads) in the home and family forum sharing information about their own family and home. Students in the partner country reply to at least two of the posts, so that everybody gets at least one reply.

Students take pictures of their homes and family members in New Year custom.

They make picture collages of the pictures (using e.g. Adobe Spark or Befunky).

After students are given the opportunity to comment on their New Year wishes.


  • Create using the most popular comic book photo templates


    There are so many free templates included with the photo comics maker, which gives you an easy and fun way to create stunning photo comics.

    The task is the same for teachers and students only from a different perspective

    You choose the theme yourself, it would be nice as a class sketch


    Share results, comment on



O projektu

Each of us is "Different and Unique" and that is why each of us lives in his/ her life exclusively and only feels his "Personal Feelings" in his personal way.

Depending on how we feel individual "We Feel ", we also experience situations in which we find ourselves everyday emotionally and we react in different ways. we are either happy, sad, angry, disappointed...or overwhelmed.

We want to share "Our Personal Experience" of everything that happens to us in school, at home, in children life with our partner school on film .

The moment we get to know different cultures and activities, we know that we are not alone and we can share our feelings with our friends of our partner schools.

That's why we are dealing with the following topics:
getting to know each other
taste different types of food
compare computer games
sing, act, accept differences and we put the ideas in subcategories:
- feel me
- feed me
- play me
- sing me
- act me
- love me

Students learn about:
Their country as well as other countries in a different ways;
They learn to collaborate with students from other schools in Europe;
They use English as a foreign language to communicate;
Ways to promote and express their voice;
Improve their IT skills;
Become aware of the common European identity.

This project could start in September and it could finish in March.
September: Presentation of the project. It should emphasise the security rules on the Internet and offer web 2.0 tools that can be used.
Introducing the student teams and the cities they come from.
October: The students in groups select a topic
November: They prepare a presentation on interesting and creative way. (Film, PowerPoint, Internet Book…)
December/January: The partners share and watch each others presentations and film, discuss on forum, or live and prepare new topic.
The partners and students prepare some questions about the topic. What would we like to know more? (Forum, Live event). The groups in charge should write an answer.
February/March: new topic with some exchanging experience.
April: Make film together - via Live Event with some topic

May: Creating a collaborative book about activities . Project evaluation and dissemination.



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