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O projektu

It is a project which is focusing on teaching students providing healthy lifestyle at school and at home. We intend to encourage young people to eat healthy food and keep fit. It is a very important task because many students are overweight and provide unhealthy lifestyle. As the result, they feel ill and tired all the time. We intend to involve into the project students with some disorders (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, ….) and disabilities (mentally and physically) and encourage them to take a new challenge and get positive results. Also, we want to teach tolerance to diversity. Moreover, we would like to protect the environment because it has a big influence on our life and wellbeing.

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"Versmes" progymnasium, Lithuania

The World Diabetes Day


"Versmes" progymnasium, Lithuania

The annual competition "The healthiest school" of the town.


Versmes "progymnasium", Lithuania

      Learning to sort  and recycle waste.....



Our students joined to the wide action CLEANING THE WORLD. It was a great possibility to clean the natural environment work together and have fun.  



Do you provide similar actions in your countries? 


Participants of the project are young and creative, they enjoy observing and saving nature. As we live in the countryside, it is natural to get the beauty out of the surreanding nature. Students like using ICT, so created some movies about autumn time in Poland. You can enjoy it!ż-Wideo/d157515865k6696849o1l1/autumn-in-poland-ż-Wideo/d159729544k5114686o1l1/autumn-in-a-garden-




Autumn decorations


Write, please about your activities here or at the top of this page ..............



"Versmes" progymnasium, Lithuania

European week of Sport 

Sunny and warm autumn weather allowed us to enjoy activities in the open air. Be sporty - be healthy!!!

International Human Rights Day

The pupils were tasked with investigating prominent figures such as politicians, writers, actors and singers who contributed to the development of human rights. They exhibited their work on a school board and they make a video about it.



From November 25 to December 8, students from our school participated in the eTwinning project A democratic school without bullying, together with their peers from Estonia, Turkey, Northern Macedonia, Albania, Romania, Slovakia, Italy and Poland. The aim of the project is to make students aware of the prevalence of violence in schools and to develop an awareness of the need for violence prevention.They created a poster in digital tools (Canva) and recorded video clips about the importance of preventing violence in schools.


Christmas workshops

Pupils and their teachers have been actively involved in the Christmas workshop this year. They came out greeting cards, decorations, candlesticks and arrangements. They also arranged their class boards.


Project participants enjoy to live by the rules of the nutrition pyramid and physical activities. Join us! 


Polish students have started an action




Save animals and plants on our planet!

Polish students made presentations “Save the nature!” about species of animals and plants which are in danger of extinction in Poland. They intend to save them. 


Save the nature!.pdf

Save the nature!.pptx 3 (1).pptx



Spring in Poland is very beautiful. We would like to live in a cleaner and healthier environment, so we want to look after the flowers and plants around our houses. Join our action!

Polish team 



St. Casimir's Fair. Studets of primary classes sell their home-made goods.



Easter workshop

During on line schooling pupils make Easter decoaration with their parents.




Earth Day


Students made digital posters of Croatian islands in the Canva tool. Through the picture, they showed the rich natural and cultural heritage of each island and thus noticed the importance of protecting and preserving our islands and also marked Earth Day.



Europe Day

This was our annul 5th celebration of Europe day and we decided to do it online. The students had the task to present the selected country of Europe with their mentors in a creative and interesting way using digital technology. They made videos and posters in various applications and thus presented their chosen country.

Also at home, together with their parents, they prepared some of the specific dishes of their country.

Also our local newspaper wrote about our online celebration




As it is nearly all around the world, the schools are closed here in Turkey and it is forbidden for students to go out. They have been staying at home for about 3 months and schools will start in September.  So our kids don't know what is the nature like outside. But they know that the nature is changing positevely since people stay at home and can't cause pollution. We asked them to imagine and draw about what nature is like after lockdown.




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