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Our project is about our cultural heritage.We aim to be aware of our Culture.Our main goal is to discover our cultural heritage around the world using Web 2 tools. Our students will share their "discoveries" using ICT. Students present monuments and sights of the place they live and their country. They have educational visits to the monuments and cultural places (sights, museums, etc) and they create crafts and digital presentations of the monuments and visits.They interview their relatives and search for information about their every day life elements in music, cooking,clothing , jobs,hobbies and games.Partners share the presentations of their students' activities on a common web magazine.

September :Introducing our school/ country/team-Designing of the project Logo-Adding the students on the twinspace.
October:The place we live (Presentation).
November: "Visiting a museum!"Students present the musuems in their place , share information and make crafts.
December:The religious monuments. of the students' place.Religious life and holidays.Traditional customs.
January: Christmas and New Year crafts and cards. Students make Happy Holiday cards and send them to their eTwinners.
February:My country is a good tourist destination. Students make a travel guide about their country. The sights and the places they think will be a good tourist destination and attraction.
March:We protect the place we live. Students talk about the fauna and flora of their place.
April:Paintings,Sculptures,Traditional songs,handicrafts,traditions(oral or written),traditional house,festival,myths,legends etc.
May:Project evaluation -Project Ebook


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