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O projektu

In this project we will work on communication and its importance. We will focus on communication at school, at home, at workplace; communication and life in small and big cities; communication in the past and now; advantages and disadvantages of technology in communication; non- verbal communication and importance of learning new languages. Students will learn and work with different types of web 2.0 tools during our project.
The project will start in October 2018 and end in June 2019.


Numbers of Participating Students in the Project

  • ECA Elginkan Anadolu Lisesi ( İstanbul, Turkey): 26 students

    Lycée René Perrin ( Ugine, France) : 14 students (28 in the classroom)

    Gymnázium Spišská Stará Ves (Slovakia): 20 students

    LICEO scientifico "Paolo Ruffini" Viterbo (Italy) : 22 students

    Srednja škola BOL (Croatia): 18 students

    POSM II st. im.F.Chopina w Krakowie (Cracow, Poland): 1 student (but I hope for more)

    Agrupamento de Escolas D. Afonso Henriques (Portugal) : 23 students

    Institut La Guineueta (Barcelona, Spain): 7 students

    İbrahim-Süheyla İzmirli Fen Lisesi ( Turkey ) : 15 students

    I.I.S." Leonardo da Vinci"- (Niscemi) ITALY: Class 2CL  16 students  / Class 3CL 11 students / Class 2L 16 students

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Let's Introduce Ourselves PADLET:


Voki presentations

Portugal / Agrupamento de Escolas D. Afonso Henriques

Ice breaking...a teacher presentation, directly from Portugal

Maria Antonia: 3

Maria Jorge -

Ana Catarina Ferreira -

Ariana Ferreira -

Sofia Rebelo -

 Beatriz Costa-

Simão Sousa -

Sofia Machado- 

Maria Rita Pereira -

Maria Machado -

Luis Martins -

José Magalhães -

   Catarina Monteiro -

Maria Ferreira -

Rita Ribeiro -

Daniel Mouta - voki daniela

Ana Pereira -

Claudia Silva-

Ana Catarina -

Turkey/ ECA Elginkan Anadolu Lisesi:












Sara M:

Antea J:

Marija K:

Iris S:

Franko K:

NIkola B:

Emanuela Š:



Tuğçe   :


ITALY/ IISS Leonardo da Vinci

Marisa Mulè:

Anna Pepi :

Daniele Buscemi:


Agatino Barberi


Vittoria Mongelli

Claudia Buttafuoco:

Roberta Di Tommasi

Carla Meli :

Lorenza Zarba:

Elena Lo Iacono:

Ginevra Lombardo:

Federico Parisi:

Giulia Dragotta:

Elisea Tramonti:

Maria Rosaria Cipolla:

Elvio Lipani:

Ilenia Parisi:

Hilary Arcerito:

Sara Stracquadaini:

Daniele Sabatini :
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Komunikacija u školi

Communication at School 

Origin of the word COMMUNICATION

The English term 'Communication' has been evolved from Latin language. 'Communis and communicare' are two Latin words related to the word communication. Communis is noun word, which means common, communiality or sharing. Similarly, communicare is a verb, which means 'make something common'. Some scholars relate the term communication with an English word community. Community members have something common to each other. communities are {supposed to be} formed with the tie of communication. It is the foundation of community. Hence, where there is no communication, there can't be a community.
İbrahim-Süheyla İzmirli Fen Lisesi
 For topic of this month, My students and I organised an " E-TWINNING PARTY "at our school.Our aim was explaining Etwinning, bringing the students together , making them closer.We wanted them to COMMUNICATE...First I made a speech and explained what E-Twinning is.Then one of my students made a speech and told our project,topic of this month ( communication at school )  to other students.Thanks to this activity, students met eachother,forgot their mobile phones and talked,they danced ,sang songs,played karaoke,they became aware of Etwinning , became sociable and had an enjoyable time together


Communication in Classroom ( ECA Elginkan)


Srednja škola Bol-CROATIA

Hula-Hoop Pass

This activity helps kids work on listening, coordinating, and strategizing skills. It works best with smaller students. Have your students stand in a big circle. Place a Hula-Hoop on one student’s arm and have them join hands with the student next to them. Ask all the other students to join hands to close up the circle. The objective of the game is to pass the Hula-Hoop all the way around the circle without unclasping hands. Students will have to figure out how to maneuver their bodies all the way through the hoop to pass it on.  

Eye Contact

This is a great activity to support nonverbal communication skills. Choose 10 students to participate in the first round. The others can gather around the edges and watch. Designate a player one. To begin, player one makes eye contact (no words or hand motions) with another player (player two) and gives them a signal that means go. When player two says go, player one starts moving slowly toward them to take their place in the circle. Player two then makes eye contact with another player (player three) and gives them a signal meaning go and starts moving toward them. The objective of the game is to time each player’s command so that each player makes space for the others in time. After the first round, switch out the teams until everyone has had a chance to play. 

AEDAH Vila das Aves Portugal

Gymnázium SSV

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World Hello Day 21st November

Communication at home & with family

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