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What are causes of cyberbullying?

Two kinds of people who are likely to bully:
1. Socially active(an upgrade to confidence,feeling powerful,to maintain popularity)
2. Socially inactive ( a chance to fit in,feeling powerful,to prove themselves)
Some individuals would bully only to boost their ego. There are individuals who simply harass others to entertain themselves.
Attention is what some people want.There is a chance they did not gain it from their family;some are suffering from a family conflict.
Many are starving for the recognition of being powerful figures.Some bully to remind others of their social status which they believe are lower than theirs. Some do it because people around them are doing it as well.

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Profil zlostavljača

1. May be introverts,underdogs or underachievers.
2. May have low self-esteem.
3. Often feels like a victim themselves.
4. May not know how to express anger in an appropriate manner.
5. Would be unlikely to say to someone's face what they say in cyberspace(especially if there is a parent or teacher to witness it)
6. Use the internet as a way to get even or vent their frustrations.
7. Often unwilling to take responsibility for their actions.

Five key indicators that your child is harassing others online:
1. Is secretive about online activities.
2. Quickly switches computer screen or closes the screen when you enter the room or walk by.
3. Uses the computer or mobile devices late at night or when he or she is unsupervised.
4. Gets extremely upset if computer privileges are revoked.
5. Uses multiple online accounts or accounts with a fake name(Hotmail,Google,Yahoo)

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O projektu

WE ROCK! We Respect others, Offer help, Care friends and Keep company. This is a project about safe internet using and creating awareness the danger of 21st century, cyberbullying.

Projekt o odgovornom korištenju interneta i sigurnosti na internetu, te cyberbullyingu (nasilju preko interneta, koje je opasnije od nasilja uživo jer traje 24 sata dnevno).



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